Trying to Make Maths and Spelling fun….

Work has been going great with the children doing lots of English and maths work. Since we signed the children up for Spelladrome and Mathletics we have seen a change in their abilities.

We have been encouraging them to use these programs each day. They seem to be far more interested in the mathletics than the spelladrome. Both programs are interactive and allow the children to be tested on areas within either maths or spelling, and both provide certificates and rewards, however the spelladrome does not seem to be able to captivate the children as easily as Mathletics. For instance our three year old will happily get involved with the reading program we have signed her up for called reading eggs. This program helps her recognise word and phonic sounds and she loves it, but with Spelladrome, they seem to find that the hangman like games and other activities are just not as exciting as they thought they would be.

Even though we do see an improvement in their abilities we are pleased that we have not spent the full cost of these yearly subscriptions (we got the reduced schools cost) as our particular children find Mathletics and Spelladrome to be ‘work’ even though they are competent at maths and spelling. For us they find these programs not as fun and exciting as we parents had hoped for, which is a real shame, but we will continue to use these programs as any progress is good progress.

Even though our children do not seem to be able to immerse themselves into these programs as much as we had hoped for, we would still recommend that if interested, any partents try out these progarms, as they offer  a money back guarantee and if the interactive style of these programs can captivate your children – (and they have captivated thousands), we are sure any money paid would be beneficial.

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