Thursday’s Child – at the Theatre Royal, Hobart, Tasmania

Today JAHG and I ventured into town to meet up with some other home ed families. We were going to the Theatre Royal in Hobart to see the play ‘Thursdays Child’. The performance was for children aged 12 and up, but as I had a particular interest in this play JAHG was to come along with us also. This is the second time we have been the the Theatre in the last few months.

The performance was incredibly moving at times and a wonderful portrayal of the book. Set in the depression years, the story told of the hardship and tribulations of the characters. The six performers managed to capture our attention and fill our world with wonderful creativity and tell the story of TIN and his family in a most beautiful way.

Based on the award-winning Australian novel, by Sonya Hartnett , Thursday’s Child is Tin, born on a Thursday and, like the old nursery rhyme, ‘has far to go’. A strange and lonely child who digs, his wanderings take him underneath the earth into the subterranean tunnels that he’s pre-destined to roam. Told by Tin’s sister, Harper Flute, it is a story of a family’s struggle on their desolate farm during the great depression. The play explores the spirit of struggle with change and misfortune, and is a poignant and intriguing story, ending in great hope.

Thursday’s Child is travelling around the country to a theatre near you, so I urge you, if you get the chance, to see the play as it is well worth your time and effort.

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