The World Greatest Artists – Vincent Van Gogh

This year we are studying the Worlds Greatest Artists.

So this week we have spent time looking at Van Gogh. The children are already familiar with some of his work, thanks to a Doctor Who episode called “Vincent and the Doctor”.

Anyway we started out reading a book called Van Gogh by Author / Illustrator Mike Venezia ( we actually have quite a few of his Greatest Artist books in our own collection)

The children loved this and enjoyed reading about Van Gogh. This book is easy to use, entertaining and informative. If you have never checked out of of Mike Venezia’s books, I would highly recommend that you do.

After reading the book and discussing the art work presented we then watched a few YouTube Videos about Van Gogh. Even though these were only 5 or so minutes long, the children enjoyed the different styles of delivery presenting the life of Van Gogh.

We then re watched the episode of Doctor Who – “Vincent and the Doctor” to see how many real facts they recreated in this story that were true to Vincents life. The children enjoyed pointing out the facts and inconsistencies, such as Vincent would not have met monsters back when he was alive.

Other things we enjoyed included viewing Vincent Van Goghs Works here – Van Gogh Museum

Reading some of the letters written by Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo and his friends, Gauguin, Bernard and others.

Learning more about Vincent hereat  Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam and by reading about him at the Vincent Van Gogh Gallery

The children are looking forward to our next art lesson when we further study Vincent and this paintings.

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