The Letter W and other literacy lessons

This week Nik has explored the letter W. It is one that she continuously gets confused with the letter M. So we have been working hard on the letter, how its sounds when used in capital and lowercase as well as how to write it.

Nik has worked hard on her handwriting, tracing the words that start or end in W. She has sung songs about the ‘Watermelon man‘, and the ‘Wiggly, waterbed‘. She was reluctant to sing at first, but once encouraged, she happily sang along with Mama.

Because Nik still confuses W with M at times, we will be working on this letter for two weeks, rather than our usual one week. Also depending on how she goes, we may revisit the letter W again in the future. So next week we will be continuing the theme we started with the letter W.

Nik has also spent time this week learning her 6 spelling words. They are

  • She
  • do
  • it
  • is
  • if
  • at

She needs to not only learn how to spell them, but be able to recognise them and tell us what they are. After only two days on making her repeatedly write them down and relay them back to me, she is able to easily identify 5 out of the six words, so there is hope for us yet.

Other literacy activities Nik enjoyed this week include using the online program reading eggs, Reading along with Mama her ‘Dod and Bob‘ books, plus listening to other stories such as ‘The lump of Coal‘ and ‘Paddington’s Christmas Surprise

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