The Beautiful Murals at Sheffield, Tasmania.

Well today we were on our way from Hobart to Burnie. SZG needed to be in Burnie for tomorrow as he has the next few days at Burnie for training. The children and I decided that we would go along with him and while he was working we would have a look around Burnie and surrounding places as the children have never been around to Burnie before.

Along the way we stopped at the small town of Sheffield. it is quite well known for the wonderful murals that adorn the buildings around the town. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side, but we braved the drizzle and rain to take a walk around the town and have a look at quite a variety of the different murals on offer.

The children had a good time, which was the main aim of the day!

Here are some pictures of a few of the murals we seen.

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