The Letter W and other literacy lessons

This week Nik has explored the letter W. It is one that she continuously gets confused with the letter M. So we have been working hard on the letter, how its sounds when used in capital and lowercase as well as how to write it.

Nik has worked hard on her handwriting, tracing the words that start or end in W. She has sung songs about the ‘Watermelon man‘, and the ‘Wiggly, waterbed‘. She was reluctant to sing at first, but once encouraged, she happily sang along with Mama.

Because Nik still confuses W with M at times, we will be working on this letter for two weeks, rather than our usual one week. Also depending on how she goes, we may revisit the letter W again in the future. So next week we will be continuing the theme we started with the letter W.

Nik has also spent time this week learning her 6 spelling words. They are

  • She
  • do
  • it
  • is
  • if
  • at

She needs to not only learn how to spell them, but be able to recognise them and tell us what they are. After only two days on making her repeatedly write them down and relay them back to me, she is able to easily identify 5 out of the six words, so there is hope for us yet.

Other literacy activities Nik enjoyed this week include using the online program reading eggs, Reading along with Mama her ‘Dod and Bob‘ books, plus listening to other stories such as ‘The lump of Coal‘ and ‘Paddington’s Christmas Surprise

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Poetry in Motion

Today JAHG spent alot of time working on reading and writing Poetry. We discussed a variety of different styles of poetry writing and afterwards JAHG decided to try her hand at writing Haiku poems as well as an Acrostic Poems

For those who do not know a Haiku Poem is of Japanese origin and they do not rhyme. These poems are usually based on nature or the seasons and they have the following structure:

Line 1: Five Syllables

Line 2: Seven Syllables

Line 3: Five Syllables

JAHGS Haiku Poems are below!

Fast Horses

Galloping Horses

They like to run through the wind

Then all is quiet


The bees buzz gently

The mother bee sings to them

Then all is quiet

Also an Acrostic Poem is poetry that is written using a word or phrase where each letter of the word of phrase is used as the staring letter of each new line.

Here are JAHG’s Acrostic Poems

















NIK’s Masterpiece – Two Bunnies Playing!

Drawing Bunnies

Drawing Bunnies

NIK has really taken a shine to being creative with pen and paper. Here she is drawing on a white board. She tells me her picture is of two bunnies. She is also expanding her knowledge and ability to write and recognise  letters of the alphabet. She can now form the letters N and T however her A looks more like a Q, but she is definitely making progress!

Finishing off her writing!

Finishing off her writing!

The Finsihed Masterpiece!

The Finished Masterpiece!

A Wonderful Piece of Art Work!

Festa Italia – Giovanna Giana Italian Literary Competition

For those of you who are interested in any aspect of Italy. There is currently a competition happening!

Be Quick as it closes by 23 October 2009

If you can do a literary work about Italy and would like to try and win prizes at primary, lower secondary, upper secondary or senior secondary levels, then please read the following attachment for more details!

For the Giovanna Giana Italian Literacy Competition Details Please Click Here!