Our Monitoring Visit.

Earlier this week we had our monitoring visit. This is where the Monitoring Officer is sent out to our home to ensure that the program we wrote about in our family report is actually happening in our home.

The children love the opportunity to share their work with the Monitoring Officer (MO) and spent much of the morning collecting and displaying many aspects of their work ready for when the MO arrived. They love this experience and the feedback they receive. We have always found our Monitoring Visits to be a friendly experience, which is great.

This year (for us personally) the emphasis at our Monitoring Visit was different to other years as this year we had two children registered, so the MO had to deal with both my children and what they wanted to share.

The children and I were quite excited about the whole experience and a great afternoon was had by all.

THEAC monitoring visit due soon.

Well we now have a date for our next THEAC monitoring Visit. The Monitoring officer contacted us to make arrangements to come out and visit. We are looking forward to this as we find it a great opportunity to show off some of the children’s work. The monitoring experience last time was a very casual affair and the monitoring officer was great. JAHG has already started to pick out what things she wants to show her and what work needs to be available to look at and on display. Roll on the 17th of February, we are ready, waiting and eager for this monitoring experience to occur – guess we better cook some cookies or cake to share on the day!

THEAC – Home Education Information Sessions 6th & 13th November 2009

Are you interested in home educating your child/ren? Would you like to learn more about this legal alternative to mainstream schooling? Are you, or someone you know confused about where to start with Home Education?

No matter what your interest or needs are in relation to Home Education in Tasmania, why not Come along to one of THEAC’s (Tasmanian, Home Education Advisory Council’s) information sessions in 2009.

These information sessions are an opportunity for you to meet THEAC council members and experienced home educators. To talk about home education, to get access to information and gain a greater insight into how home education works in Tasmania. They are designed to support you!

So whether you are already home educating, undecided or wishing to start your home educational Journey we welcome you to these sessions.

South Information Session
Friday the 6th of November 2009
Rosny Public Library
Bligh Street, Rosny,
7.30pm to 9.30pm.

North Information Session
Friday the 13th of November 2009
Kings Meadows Community Health Centre
22 McHugh Street, Kings Meadows
7.30pm to 9.30pm.



Annual Statewide Home Education Picnic – Ross Tasmania

Today we went to Ross for the Annual Statewide Home Education Picnic. The weather was a lot nicer than I originally thought it was going to be and the atmosphere was great!

The event was supported by THEAC and many of our council members where there for everyone to meet. The day officially ran from 10am to 2.30pm, however well after 3pm we still had large number of families enjoying themselves!  Which was great to see!

Our girls enjoyed the opportunity to meet other children from different parts of Tasmania and engaged in play easily with those around them, which was reassuring for us personally. Unfortunately SZG was unable to attend the picnic as he had work commitments, but I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and get to know some other home ed families and learn about their journeys and methods used for learning.

A great day out, which we are all keen to enjoy again next year!

Reflection on our Learning – Family Report Style!

The me that Homeschools is in the process of writing up our latest family report about our home education journey and learning over the last six months. It is amazing to see how much we have done. I struggle when I sit down to try and get everything in order and it is extremely hard to cram everything into two A4 Pages!

Prioritising what might be more important to include is also another struggle as English and Maths are important, but so are all the other wonderful things the children learn along the way.

Guess I could be here for another week or so trying to refine my family report before I submit it – HELP!!