What is happening to our world? Earthquake strikes India and Himalayas, killing 36 people

Maybe it is just me, or maybe it isn’t. But I find it amazing how many earthquakes we seem to be having all around the globe over the last few years. Every time I seem to read a news ticker, it is about death, destruction and another earthquake. What is this world coming too?

I was however amazed to read the following…

Tremors were felt more than 1,000km away in New Delhi to the west, and in Bangladesh to the east.

I guess that 6.9-magnitude earthquake at a depth of only 19.7kms, would be felt for quite some distance, but to read that people as far away as 600kms ran out onto the streets in sheer fear due to the ground moving is incredible.

I hope the death toll does not start to climb once they get word from many remote parts of the region and learn about the full impact of this earthquake.

Note to self: Must do a unit on Earthquakes with the children as part of their home learning and relate it back to the world around us.