365 Days of Self Portraits #7

Well today was all about the weather. One minute the sun was shinning and the next the clouds were bursting at the seams and the rain was tumbling towards the earth, and all over my washing, which I had hung out to dry on the washing line. It seemed like a million times that I looked out the window, trying to establish just what the weather was going to do next and if my washing would ever dry. In the end I just gave up and accepted the four seasons in a day.

Weather - 9th January 2009

Weather - 9th January 2009

365 Days of Self Portraits #4

Well here is my next installment in my 365 days of self portraits.

This morning I enjoyed being outside around 7am. The air was crisp and the morning in full glory. It was when I sat down on our front veranda that I decided to take this shot (amongst others). Not sure what I like about it, but it appeals to me so I am using it as today’s self portrait, after all it is me!


Relaxation - 6th January 2009

365 Days of Self Portraits #3

Well I did it. I actually missed a day. Yesterday was so busy for me that by the time I remembered that I needed to take a self portrait the day was over. I could cheat and add a picture from today in yesterdays place, but what good would that do? After all, I would know it was not a true reflection of me on that day. So here I am just moving on, having missed one day and determined not to give up.

This photo is of me in our computer room (not that you can tell), It is not a very good one, but none the less it is me. It is so hard to be able to take photos of yourself and be happy with them, especially when you are over weight like I am. But I am hoping that as the year progresses and this challenge does too, that I will be able to see some changes in myself and hopefully my weight too, as 2009 is my year for changing how I do things, and that includes my eating and exercising habits. Lets hope that by self portrait 365 we can all see a remarked improvement not only in my photography, but also in myself!

5th january 2009

5th january 2009