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Animated books for children, story songs, sing-along songs, educational games, puzzles, poetry and activities that help teach kids to read. There are books in English and Spanish books for ESL children, learning English as a second language and books for kids with special needs.

Backwoods Mom

I recently was guided to this Blog of an extraordinary mum living in Alaska with her many children. Her writing style is engaging and her homeschooling journey in it’s early stages is so much fun to follow – as is her life journey.

An amazing blog, by an amazing woman along with her amazing family

Backwoods Mum

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

History Pockets – A Fun Way to Learn and Homeschool

Recently I have purchased some more books to add to our collection as we learn about History and the Ancient Civilisations. I have come across some wonderful books that I just love. The children enjoy them too which is an added bonus.

Our initial focus is to be on Ancient civilisations as a whole starting with a quick overview on what these are and how they are defined. We are using a variety of methods to learn about these ancient civilisations and cultures. We have been to the local library and borrow a number of fabulous books on Ancient Civilisations. Some are easy read style stories, while others are more matter of fact.

However I have also purchased the following book to help us learn more about Ancient Civilisations through a more hands on process.

This books looks at Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient China and Ancient Aztec World. Providing activities related to each topic in a variety of styles.

We will also be taking a deeper focus on each Ancient Civilisation once we have completed our overview. So in preparation for this I have also purchased the following books, which look like so much fun too! I just hope the children agree!


Looking Towards Learning in 2011

I have been busy of late looking towards our learning as we approach 2011. Now I know that 2010 is not over and that we still have 4 months of the year to go, but we tend to finish our learning each year  around the 1st of December. This gives us time to focus on the festive season and family as we head towards the end of the year. It also gives us lots of time to have fun focusing on making gifts for use as Christmas presents, baking and cooking in preparation of the traditional festive needs of our family and culture.

So with all that in mind – and a program that is already in full swing as we head towards the end of 2010. I now look to the future to enable myself the ability to be organised (or try to be!) for the start of our new learning cycle. The children’s needs are constantly changing, and along with it we are for ever adapting and tweaking  the methods to which we deliver our program of learning.  Also the fact that we have children with very diverse learning needs and styles, means that as we work towards higher levels of learning, we are required as facilitators to expand and constantly improve the opportunities available to them.

Some of the changes we are contemplating on integrating into our learning program include an increased amount of access to various printed matter on a variety of topics. This is to help stimulate and enthuse the children and their interest – hopefully – to explore areas of interest and life that they may not have consideration possible to date or even thought about.

So we have decided to increase the number of magazines available to our children to read within our resource library…. One of our areas of focus in 2011 will be Australia.

So some of the magazines that we will be including, come 2011, that focus on this wonderful country we live in include:

Australian Geographic Little Kids

Australian Geographic Little Kids

Designed for students aged 3 to 7, these educational magazines are filled with a variety of fun activities, stories, poems and songs that are guaranteed to get kids excited about learning! Curriculum linked to the Australian key learning areas for primary students, the magazine covers numeracy, literacy, science and human society and its environment, investigating each topic with amazing photos and bright illustrations kids will love.

We have already received some copies of this magazine and feel that it would definitely assist Nik with her learning and be a wonderful addition amongst our growing number of resources.

Australian Geographic Explorers

Australian Geographic Explorer

Created for kids aged 7 to 12 (and beyond), Explorers is based on 100% Australian material from the iconic Australian Geographic journal. Students will read about famous Australians, our unique fauna and flora, history, places, conservation, Aboriginal culture and lots more, each page brought to life with exciting diagrams and stunning photography. The magazines are curriculum linked to the Australian primary schools key learning areas for maximum educational content but, most importantly, Explorers is exciting and fun!

We have also received copies of this in the past and they have been read from cover to cover and enjoyed by all, so this magazine will be added to our collection hopefully to continue to capture Phinee’s attention and enthuse her with her learning.

We will also be purchasing the following for our resource library.

Our Australia

Our Australia Book - Mildura Cover Edition

Award-winning children’s author Phil Kettle has teamed up with Australian Geographic to create a series of educational and fun books for younger readers.

Want to know more about Australia? Jump aboard the campervan with Taha, an Australian boy of Greek heritage, and his mum. They’re off on a journey of discovery that’s going to lead them to some of our country’s most fascinating places and interesting locals.

Destinations in the series are Mildura, Broken Hill, Longreach, Alice Springs, Kununurra, Kangaroo Island, Hobart and Byron Bay.

Taha’s adventures make compelling reading for all young explorers, and while they’re engrossed in tales of Taha and his mischievous ways they’ll also learn about the geography, local industry, history and culture of each region – a new location in every book – that Taha visits.

Phinee has a love of reading and we thought these books would be a great way for her to learn about our great big wide country as she combines her favourite pastime with learning – not that she would necessarily realise it as she would be having too much fun reading!

We will also have the adult version of Australian Geographic on hand for the children to flick through and read at their leisure and for us adults too!

Australian Geographic gives you a unique look at Australia’s people, places and wildlife and it’s far more than a magazine.

We promise to let you know what other magazines we will be adding to our resources for other subjects and topics soon!