Mathletics has re appeared in our weekly learning!

Well I am happy to say that the use of Mathletics seems to be re appearing in our weekly learning. Yesterday JAHG and I created a new learning grid, which is designed to document all the required things she is to complete in a seven day cycle. It does not have time frames, or even set work for each day, instead it has 50 boxes with a single topic written in each. The idea is that JAHG can choose which activity to do and once she completes it she can colour in the box. The only requirement is that in seven days time everything has to be completed – or it will become carried over into the next weeks learning grid, on top of the usual activities.

If JAHG manages to complete the work in good time, then she will have more time to herself before she must start on the next weeks learning grid. The page is designed to have a fortnights work on it, split into weekly sections. This means JAHG also has the choice to move on over to the next weeks work if she wants so that she has more control over when and where the work is completed.

I must add that since JAHG received her learning grid yesterday the manner in which she has approached her work is great. She is always one to happily do what needs to be done, but the idea of being able to colour in the boxes and therefore see her achievements in chunks of an area on the grid, is enthusiastically pushing her forward to complete the tasks in record time.

Some of the tasks added are simple living skills and chores, like washing, set table and clean up. While others are more learning activities like, spelladrome, mathletics, writing, science, maths, spelling, English, research  and specific work books.

So through the introduction of our Learning Grid we have seen JAHG reintroduce learning tools such as Spelladrome and mathletics again into her daily life, which up until now have been more of a chore than a pleasure to participate in.

Home Educational Resources – Maths Textbooks

I thought that i would share with you all some of the books that we purchase for our children to use as part of their home educational experience.

We use these maths textbooks as a basis for their learning and then build upon what they enjoy with activities such as Cooking – for weights, measures, temperatures & Washing – for sorting, grouping, pairing, matching etc. We are only limited by our own imaginations as to how we can incorporate Maths into our daily life and routines.

One set of books that we use are called Mighty Mentals. This is a great series of four books, which are labeled ‘Book A, B, C & D’. They are geared for grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the primary school years.

JAHG is currently working through ‘Book A’ as she is in grade 3.

Mighty Mentals: Bk. A

JAHG has never been the most confident child when it comes to maths, but since using this Maths textbook, she has found that she enjoys learning math and has even surprised herself with wanting to do more of the units within the book.

Each Unit is designed to be completed over the course of a week. It is broken up into 6 different sections one being designed to be completed each day Monday to Friday and then one over the weekend. We however find that JAHG prefers to sit down and complete the unit most of the time in one sitting and will often do more than one unit of work from the book each week.

Once JAHG finishes the first book we will just continue on to the Book B in the series and work our way through them.

Here are the other books for you to view if you like. I can not recommend this series high enough.

Mighty Mentals: Bk. B

Mighty Mentals: Bk. C

Mighty Mentals: Bk. D

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Trying to Make Maths and Spelling Fun

Home Education Resources – Maths

Family, Homeschooling and Maths

Family, Homeschooling and Maths

Over the last few weeks we have been on the lookout for new and exciting ways to help our children learn maths well. The biggest thing we came across was not how do we go about it, but how do we work through everything on offer and find something that is of value to us as well as works well in helping our children learn maths and have fun at the same time.

Amazingly after many days of searching and lots of testing out and trying various things on offer we found a brilliant downloadable game that the children just love. It is called Times Attack and they children are playing it and also retaining a lot of the maths times tables that seemed to allude them prior to us stumbling across this game.

THE BEST PART?! – It has a free version for you to try which covers the 2-9 times tables and if your kids love it as much as mine did then you also have the option to purchase the full version for them to learn so much more.

We have also come across some great Maths websites  that could assist anyone who is interested in sparking an interest in their child with maths or just wants to help their child get a better grip of it all.

They are:

Maths Dictionary for Kids

The Maths Games

This website might also help you involve him in Maths activities without it seeming like maths or learning. It is designed for out of school hours programs (which I used to work as a coordinator in) but many are easily adapted to everyday life situations and great for home schooling families and involves maths and recycling!

Mixing Maths with Recycling

Have Fun!

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Trying to Make Maths and Spelling Fun

Home Education Resources – Maths

Home educational resources – Maths Textbooks

Trying to Make Maths and Spelling fun….

Work has been going great with the children doing lots of English and maths work. Since we signed the children up for Spelladrome and Mathletics we have seen a change in their abilities.

We have been encouraging them to use these programs each day. They seem to be far more interested in the mathletics than the spelladrome. Both programs are interactive and allow the children to be tested on areas within either maths or spelling, and both provide certificates and rewards, however the spelladrome does not seem to be able to captivate the children as easily as Mathletics. For instance our three year old will happily get involved with the reading program we have signed her up for called reading eggs. This program helps her recognise word and phonic sounds and she loves it, but with Spelladrome, they seem to find that the hangman like games and other activities are just not as exciting as they thought they would be.

Even though we do see an improvement in their abilities we are pleased that we have not spent the full cost of these yearly subscriptions (we got the reduced schools cost) as our particular children find Mathletics and Spelladrome to be ‘work’ even though they are competent at maths and spelling. For us they find these programs not as fun and exciting as we parents had hoped for, which is a real shame, but we will continue to use these programs as any progress is good progress.

Even though our children do not seem to be able to immerse themselves into these programs as much as we had hoped for, we would still recommend that if interested, any partents try out these progarms, as they offer  a money back guarantee and if the interactive style of these programs can captivate your children – (and they have captivated thousands), we are sure any money paid would be beneficial.

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Home Education Resources – Maths

Family, Homeschooling and Maths

Home educational resources – Maths Textbooks

Home Education Rescources – Maths

Well I have been busy looking through some links and websites for some work that I can use for home schooling.

I have actually been amazed at the number of great sites with great information for you to be able to use. So much so that I thought I would share some of the websites I have found along the way today as well as some that others have shared with me so far. I hope that you are able to find some of them useful.


MOST offer FREE resources for you to use, while a few require payment.

Free Maths Work Sheets

Cool Maths for Kids

Mental Maths for ages 6-13

Maths Playground

More Free Math WorkSheets



Basic Maths

Happy Child Maths

Maths -Shape and Space

I will add more as I find them!

Trying to Make Maths and Spelling Fun

Family, Homeschooling and Maths

Home educational resources – Maths Textbooks