World Education Games 2012

Why not register your home school and start getting involved now (as of the 1st of February) for the three online Educational Games to be held on the 6, 7 & 8th of March.


The World Education Games 2012 will take place from 6-8 March 2012.

Sydney, Australia is the host city and over 1 million students from 200 countries are expected to participate.
World Spelling Day – 6 March 2012
World Maths Day – 7 March 2012
World Science Day – 8 March 2012

Registration and practice are free! Which country will win the Education World Cup in 2012?

Our First week homeschooling in 2012

Well we officially started our 2012 homeschooling year on the 9th of January 2012. The children were so ready for it and as I have mentioned before, so was I. So with our first week of our 4+1+4+1 schedule for homeschooling over, I am looking forward to the second week ahead of us.

Over all, the children approached the new year with excitement and enthusiasm. Nik was a little less willing to get stuck in, but after an hour or so on the first day when she realised she had little choice but to do her work, she settled down and really started to enjoy what she needed to do.

Our opening week was definitely a busy one. Monday seen us out and about, organising things for my nephew, before he left us to go back to Adelaide to live. He had been living with us for around 5 months. Tuesday seen us at the airport in Hobart, putting him on his plane so he could fly home. Wednesday was a day at home. The girls got stuck into their work. Thursday also seen us working on the same areas of Learning. Friday seen the girls enjoy a day out socialising with friends. They had a fantastic time and enjoyed this day immensely.

Overall a good amount of work has been done and we are looking forward to restarting our next week of learning on Monday.

Monday, Monday…..

You guessed it! Already the weekend is over and today is Monday, where did the time go?

Today we spent a lot of time going over some maths work and menu planning. The girls, but Jah especially, have been very involved with this process. As we are trying to save money we are set to a strict budget which means every meal and purchase has to be carefully decided upon and strictly kept too. There is no impulse buying here!

The whole process is great for Jah’s maths and learning about money and budgets. Plus with quite a few more months of tough budgeting we will be re examining this every week.

Today we visited South Dakota!

Well today was a very interesting day!

We have been involved in what we have called a ‘Cultural Exchange Envelope’. This is a project that the children and I devised in order to make our learning about other countries, people around the world and cultures more fun. It involves a person, family or school group to collect paper based items from where they live, and to put them into an envelope and post them over to us and we do the same thing back to them.

We have devised a list of what kinds of paper based items people can put into the envelope, the list is definitely not exhaustive, but gives an in depth idea to those participating of what they can add to the envelope to post over to us.. These items are based on accessibility and low cost. which is designed to help us learn more about their actual daily life where they live as well as keep costs down to the minimum. Basically the most expensive part of this envelope exchange is actually posting the envelope off to some one some where else in the world.

Anyway, Yesterday we received a cultural exchange envelope from another home educating family in the state of South Dakota in the USA. Unfortunately we did not get time to actually open it and examine the contents of the envelope until today. But what a wonderful surprise it was to open it and view all the wonderful things they had sent us!

The envelope contained a letter from the family for us telling us about their life. It also had a photo of them and a write up of a ‘Day in their live” which gave us a wonderful insight into what life is like for them where they live. We were able to see a little of their state through the five post cards they enclosed and had a wonderful history lesson reading through the enclosed information about Mt Rushmore in the student guide provided.

This wonderful family had also enclosed a copy of their local newspaper – the Rapid City Newspaper – which was a interesting read. Not only was it great to see what news is about where they live, it was very interesting to see just how long, but slim their newspaper is! They also enclosed a copy of their local grocery store leaflet. This too was very interesting. The prices of the food and items seemed very cheap, however we will be working on establishing just how cheap, when we sit down for a maths lesson (once everyone is no longer sick) and Jah has to convert LBS to Kilos, American Dollar to the Australian Dollar and Gallons to Litres!

Other items that were enclosed in the envelope include:

South Dakota State colouring in pages

State Map

Hunting and Fishing puzzles

South Dakota Wildlife Sheet

A Stamp

Tourist Pamphlets –

  • wall / badlands
  • Bear Country
  • Chapel in the Hills
  • Hotel Alex Johnson
  • Homestake mine
  • Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold
  • Reptile Gardens
  • Crazy Horse
  • Bear Butte
  • Custer State Park
  • Devil’s Tower
  • Tribal Lands
  • Spearfish

Information sheet on Wild bill Hickok

5 Postcards

A photograph of the family

A list of educational Websites related to their state and area.

Rapid City Newspaper

Diary Entry

Letter to us

Grocery Ads

South Dakota - Cultural Exchange Envelope Contents

South Dakota - Cultural Exchange Envelope Contents

We will also be looking at all the leaflets to read about each individual place. Then we will choose one or two to do some further research on. I am Hoping that Jah will choose to present her findings in either a power point presentation (which we can then add to this website for you all to see) or as a written project.

Our Trip to South Dakota has been a great one, it has been taken through the eyes of  a local and a trip that without our new friends we would not been able to have. So thank you to the ‘H’ Family who shared not only a little of their state with us, but a lot of their daily life with us too!

Numbers in Action

Well today started out wonderful. The children were early to rise, which meant that we were able to start our school work at 8am a planned.

This morning NIK concentrated on her cutting and pasting skills, with her work sheets. She had to cut out pictures of teddy bears with numbers on their bellies, and then assemble and paste them into her work book to show which way the numbers go. NIK is doing great with her number recognition. She was able to tell me yesterday that 4 is ‘my number’ meaning how old she is and then she went on to tell me that 2 plus 2 equals her number. I had not anticipated that she would be able to work this out herself with no input from anyone, but she did. She loves to count and also to sing songs that utilise the numbers system such as ‘Ten green bottles, sitting on the wall’, ‘1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive’ and many more. It is great to see NIK flourishing in her learning and having so much fun with it also.