Homeschooling – Languages Polish & English

I have always had a love of languages and as such wish for my children to also experience other languages and cultures. When we think about languages in this house the main two that come to mind are English and Polish. The reason behind the choices of these languages are as follows.

English is the main language spoken in our house as we live in an English speaking country and it is the Language that we need to use every day of our lives.

Polish is also an important language for us, which the children and I are trying to learn more of (Dad can speak it fluently as he was born there!). Polish is the Second Language spoken in our Family. Tata (Polish for Dad) and his parents speak this language most of the time when they are together, so it is a language that we are exposed to very often. It is however, for us non native polish speaking people, hard to learn! So we will be focusing in 2009 on improving our Polish language skills as part of our Homeschooling Curriculum and hopefully be able to better communicate with our Polish family members and Polish friends in the new year.

Anyway,  in our search to find ways to teach our children languages we have come across the following websites and tools that may just be able to assist some one else in learning Polish as a language too!

We hope that you may find some of these websites interesting and informative and that you may just be able to learn a word or two in POLISH as well! Have fun!!!


FREE Polish WorkSheets

FREE Polish Translator

Polish WorkSheets and Answer Pages

Learn Polish – Free Trial Download

Basic Polish Phrases and Vocabulary

Polish Online Test – Just how much do you know?

Polish Radio – Make sure you click on the words to the left of the screen ‘Słushaj w internecie’! Then choose Radio 3.

Polish Alphabet and Sound (PDF Document)

Basic Polish Phrases – with MP3 Sound Files

Polish Phrase Book – 7 pages of Polish Phrases in a PDF File

Polish – English Dictionary Words – 69 Pages in a PDF File

Polish Grammar in a Nutshell – 76 Pages in a PDF File

Polish TV Station Online

Polish Online Course – Lessons

Polish Language Course – Lessons

Polish Lessons for Beginners in Learning Polish – Lessons

And if you want to learn or teach English as a Second Language to some one this website could be of benefit to you!

Teaching English as a Second Language

Have fun!