The History of the Internet – Video

Well we use it everyday, but do you really know and understand the Internet? Do you know how it became what it is today? Often we just got about our business, emailing people, searching websites and banking online, without even thinking about how this all occurs.

Today we set about to find out more information about this wonderful internet, the thing that consumes a lot of our day. The tool we use to research information for learning, use to communicate with family and friends and enjoy just for the shear pleasure of it. What we found was the most engaging video on the ‘History of the Internet’

The Video – The “History of the internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Our return to home schooling in 2009

Spelladrome Time!

Spelladrome Time!

Well we have enjoyed our two weeks of time away from formal school activities and now it is time to start again for a fresh new year.

The children were eager to start getting stuck into work and even though they seem to have enjoyed their free time, they also look forward to some kind of routine again.

Today we signed up for Mathletics and Spelladrome. They are online programs that the children use in many schools around the world to teach maths and spelling. JAHG had used mathletics before when she was in mainstream schooling and has often spoke about it. As a member you have the opportunity to do activities based online, challenge yourself with others around the world, or just play against the computer created players.

Gaining a Reward with Mathletics!

Gaining a Reward with Mathletics!

JAHG is very good at maths for her age, but does not have a lot of confidence in her own abilities, so we are hoping that this program will not only make it fun for her in her learning, but also help us track the areas where she is having difficulty more often. The system gives the children rewards, certificates etc for their work achieved and only

focuses on the positive aspects of learning, so we are hoping this will encourage JAHG to learn and have fun with Maths. She has been told that she can use the computer to play mathletics or spelladrome as often as she likes. We are hoping this too will encourage her to play for fun aswell.