Finally I have been able to get back to work!

Well, I am happy to say that I was able to get back to work this week. After almost 5 weeks off, the doctor finally gave me the all clear and I have been able to go back and do my job. I am so relieved to be back at work as we have missed the money coming in – as I had no sick leave and the savings account was looking rather left behind.

I even managed to work a few extra hours this week, which will be very nice once the pay cheque comes in!

Well I had to go to the Physio again today.

Well I had to go to the physio again today. My third session in almost a week.

It all started last Thursday, when for no real reason, my back decided to give way. I could hardly walk and I was in so much pain. On the Friday I managed to get to the Physio and they initially just helped me with pain relief, but as the week has gone on and the pain become more manageable they have continued to treat me. My back has been taped each time I visit the physio. Currently I have to leave this lot of tape on until I visit with the physio again next Monday.

Unfortunately I am unable to work right now as I currently work as night fill and that means a lot of heavy and constant lifting for around four hours at a time. My Doctor is not sure how long I will need off, so visits to him are also taking place until things get back to normal. At this stage I have a medical certificate until Monday, but have to go back to him tomorrow to see what he says moving forward.

It definitely is not the right time to do my back in. I really like my job and currently can’t work. I need to get things started  being packed, but still this can not happen. When we get possession of the new house we wish to paint it and that was to be my job as Hubby has to work, and it is not likely that he will be able to have time off work to do it. Finger’s crossed that things start improving quickly for us!

A New Cast has Arrived!

A New Cast has Arrived!

Well today I had to take NIK back to the Hospital for them to check out her arm. They removed the white cast that was put on her when we were at the Accident and Emergency the day the injury happened, and replaced it with a new red cast. NIK actually got to choose the colour from either red, blue or another colour that I do not recall.

After the new cast was put on, we have to venture down a level to have new x-rays taken. The Doctor told us that the bones were lined up nicely and that the healing was going to plan. NIK will have to wear this cast for the next five weeks. This means that she has to have it on when we go away on holidays to Victoria in a few weeks.

The Cast has Evolved!

After a few days on having her cast on, NIK now has gone from a plain and boring white cast to a colourful and signed cast! – Tata was the first one to sign NIK’s Cast, followed by JAHG and then Mumma. Then once NIK got amongst her friends, they also signed it too!

We dated the cast with the date of the accident and also put her age at the time!

NIK's Signed Cast!

NIK's Signed Cast!