Today is the day!

Well today is the day that we have to go to the airport and pick up DJ. For he is coming to our house for a few weeks holiday. It has been a while since we seen him. Last October in fact, so it is great to have him come and visit with us again.

While he is here we intend to go to Port Arthur and hopefully have some fun filled days together. Learning is always an everyday part of our lives and as DJ is also home educated, it is part of his too.

I hope that DJ is looking forward to visiting as much as we are looking forward to having him come here….

Sooty and Fluffy

We have only had our Bunnies for around a month now, but it is incredible to see how big they have grown. Also along with their growth, has come the development of their own very different and distinctive personalities.

Sooty is more curious than Fluffy, she is the first one up to the door, when you go to play with them or feed them. She is more jumpy and full of life. Where as Fluffy is more cuddly and happier to be held. She always tries to nibble the children’s shoes and loves to follow them around.

Fluffy is obviously ‘fluffier‘ than Sooty and also bigger in size, but still they are both small bunnies and a pleasure to have as members of our family.

Looking forward to picking the children up!

Well the time has come for the children to make their journey home this week. I shall be flying out on Wednesday to Victoria to get the children before I turn right around and fly back into Tasmania with them.

It will be great to see them. I do however wonder at how they will settle in back home, were they have lots of learning to do and no time to waste. Regular bedtimes, routine and chores all await them 🙂

I guess only time will tell!

Nasz nowy samochód – Our New Car

Czerwony dlatego że to idzie szybciej!– Red Because it goes faster

Last Saturday we went and traded in our old Ford Falcon for a more economical car. The distances we need to travel to get to work, means we needed something smaller and cheaper to run. This Kia Rio stood out above all the other cars we looked at. It is only a few years old and has low mileage, which is always a bonus!

Considering it is a manual car and I have got used to driving an automatic over the last few years, it is very nice to drive. Now we just have to update the seven seater Hyundai for something smaller and cheaper to run also – guess that will mean me having six kids will go out the window – not that it was likely anyway!

Change can be better than a holiday

Well here I am. Finally after changing my role at work from full time employment to part time employment, I can now get a grip back on life and start doing all the things I missed while so busy. Monday was my first day of my new roster. This week I only work 15 hours instead of 40, so a marked difference for me personally and for us as a family.

In amongst everything we have continued to home educate the children while both working full time, but documenting it has been another challenge. We have been like ships in the night . One returning from work to look after the children while the other goes to work. Then swapping again as one arrives home and the other needs to leave. Thankfully with more time on my hands we should be able to better manage this aspect of their learning. We also hope to be able to capture on photos and in words those wonderful moments again where their learning just spontaneously blossoms into something unique and of interest to them.

So 2011, we may have been a little slow off the mark at times, but now we are firmly back on track!