Home Education Tasmania 1st Annual Statewide Camp 2013.

We are seeking expressions of interest from people interested in joining in a Statewide camp in 2013 around October / November. If you are interested in being a part of the fun please join our H.E.T. Group and once joined we will send you an invite to the camp and you can express your interest in joining in. That way we can gauge interest and possible numbers or Email us for further details or to register your interest by clicking here!
We are hoping to have it over two or three nights

Thanks in advance

  • ‘Home Education Tasmania – H.E.T. ‘ is a community group designed for everyone who is either home educating, being home educated or has an interest in home education in Tasmania. It is a place for us to come together enjoy outings / excursions and activities, mainly in the southern and midlands region of the state, but at times in the North. As well as share information resources, experiences and showcase our learning and work. It is also a place designed to provide friendship and support. H.E.T. Also runs a Youth group for older Home Educated children called ‘The Yetti’s’.‘Home Education Tasmania’ is an all inclusive community that aims to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all, free of advertising, religion and politics.

H.E.T. – Home Education Tasmania

Well we have been extremely busy working on the program for our Home Education group called H.E.T. ~ Home Education Tasmania. Phinee had created a list of over 60 things she hoped to do or achieve in 2013 as a basis to work from for our yearly program.

Then phone calls were made late in December 2012, to organise the first set of activities for the start of 2013. So our Summer – Autumn program is now organised, booked and ready to go. It’s just a matter of turning it into a PDF document and sending it out to home educating families in Tasmania.

Some of the wonderful activities we have organised from now until April 2013 include:

  • Picnic at Kingston Beach
  • Hastings Cave and Thermal Pool
  • Cascade female factory and
  • Grote Reber

We have also organised a new Youth Group for Home Educated Children called ‘The Yetti’s’ – which stands for ‘Tasmanian Home Educating Youth Engaging Together Through Involvement and Sharing’.

So to see learn more or become involved please visit one of the following places

or email me directly for a copy of our program and to be added to the groups mailing list for upcoming activities by clicking here!

Here’s to a happy and enjoyable 2013.