A Day at the Circus!

Well today we went to the Great Moscow Circus in Hobart. The actual area inside the big tent seemed a lot smaller than I imagined it would be, when I had been looking at the main tent front the outside. However the Circus itself was quite amazing and I must say, had me on the edge of my seat a quite a few times. I just could not believe some of the things they did!

The children enjoyed the whole experience and also the show Bag Tata bought them at the end. Both Girls were fixated on the show and so well behaved.

I had wanted to take my camera with me, but I recalled reading somewhere that they were not allowed, so left it at home. However once inside the big top, it became evident that others did not do as requested and therefore had brought their camera’s along with themselves. So SZG used the camera function on his Mobile phone to try and capture a very small slice of the action for us!

Here are the photos that he took with his phone!

Hobart Botanical Gardens in Bloom October 2009

Well we spent a day at the Botanical Gardens today. The children enjoy looking at all the brightly coloured plants and flowers and taking note of what is new for the different seasons every time we visit.

Here are some of the stunning plants and flowers we seen today!

Happy Father’s Day – 2009 Celebrations

Well today was Father’s Day. It started out with the girls making Tata his breakfast. JAHG had decided to play a trick on her Dad. So the night before she had put some breakfast cereal into a bowl with some milk (half way) and then placed it into the freezer to go solid. Then the next morning she placed some more cereal and milk over the frozen breakfast.

SZG was very impressed that his little girl had made his breakfast. He sat down at the table with a big smile on his face and as he started to tuck into his cereal he ‘hit’ a snag as the spoon hit the frozen breakfast in the bowl. Thankfully SZG seen the funny side of his daughter’s prank and laughed along with us all at his breakfast demise.

After a second attempt to eat breakfast, we all had full bellies. Then we all got ready and went out for an adventure of a different sort! SZG had decided that we would venture up to the top of Mount Wellington and enjoy some fun in the snow. The girls and I had tried to get to the top of the mountain a few days earlier, but were unsuccessful after the roads were closed off due to heavy snow fall and black ice.

Today however we were very fortunate and able to enjoy some time up the top of Mount Wellington. NIK had never experienced the snow before and she had a lot of fun and excitement playing in the white stuff. We all enjoyed a Snow ball fight, falling down into the snow as we tried to walk across certain areas of it and just being together.

Here are some photos of our adventure.

Happy Father’s Day Tata, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!