Splash enjoys a bit of sunbathing!

Splash enjoys a bit of sunbathing!

Splash enjoys a bit of sunbathing!

Our American Exchange student Splash has been with just a few weeks now and is enjoying his holiday immensely. Today I caught him outside on the veranda sunbathing. I was a little worried as he was very close to the edge of the railing, but he assured me he was as safe as houses.

Splash is enjoying our sunny weather and especially the views from our house towards the Derwent River!

A Visitor for Christmas! – An Exchange Program

Well today we have a wonderful visitor arrive at our house. There method of transport was a little unusual, however their arrival was well known about and anticipated.

‘Splash the Dolphin’ arrived today all the way from Mrs Tyndal’s Class at College Park Elementary in Irvine, USA. Snuggled up in a postbag along with some wonderful gifts and treasures for us.

The girls were very excited to meet him and in no time had introduced him to the local wildlife, shown him around the house and also enjoyed a good chat over a drink.

Splash the Dolphin is on an exchange program and will be staying with us on a grand adventure for the next few months. He will be visiting Victoria, with us in January when we go over for a holiday and will also be very involved in our Home Ed and family lifestyle. Already Splash has been busy writing about his travels in his journal, so that when it becomes time to go home he can share with the children and Mrs Tyndal all about his Tasmanian Adventure!
As this is an exchange program we will be saying good bye tomorrow to one of our good friends, Tassie Devil or Tassie Tiger. – They are still trying to work out which one will be the exchange student and be able to go and live in the USA for the next 4-6 months. – We will keep you updated on which student actually makes the flight over to the USA – just as soon as a decision is made!

Right now though we are just having fun with our new friend Splash and I will come back and post some pictures of his first day at our house soon!

Welcome to Hobart, Tasmania, Splash! It’s a pleasure to have you stay with us!