Bushfires Raging all Around.

What a way to start a new year. It is hard to believe that after such a quite and restful ride into 2013, we were suddenly confronted with ferocious bush fires in our home state of Tasmania, only to see similar bush fires start to pop up on Mainland Australia as well.

The devastation caused by such a natural disaster is incredible. However the sheer terror at the realisation that the Forcett fire – in the Southern part of the state of Tasmania – in the area of the Tasman Peninsula  – meant that the only way in or out through the peninsula (other than by boat) was cut off to people trying to flee the ferocious fires was scary. This was obvious, but definitely shocking, as one never really thinks about this until faced with it directly in your line of sight.

For those people, families and pets trapped on the Peninsula during the bushfire that still is active today, I can only imagine what you are going through. Only imagine the pain, agony and despair at having lost everything which has happened to many people. I can only imagine the joy and happiness you must feel to be alive and have survived this great tragedy.

To date their are no reports of deaths due to the bushfire on the peninsula, even though over a hundred homes, businesses, and a school have been destroyed. Yet their are tales of survival, hope, loss and grief.

For us here living in a safer part of Tasmania, it has brought tears to our home, for people we know who have lost everything as well as tears for people who we do not know who have lost everything. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions as friends find out their house survived against the odds as all other houses around them perished and other people we knew living a few streets away lost everything.

The community spirit that came alive at the beginning of this disaster that continues to shine through now is amazing. I am so proud to be a Tasmanian. As a home educator, we are working together with the wider Tasmanian Home Educating community to help out a fellow family who lost everything to the bush fires except themselves. Their home is completely gone, all their possession have gone up in smoke, but they are all alive and together, which is all that matters.

So as we rally around to offer them support and others too – who have been hardest hit by this disaster, we thank the wider universe for the good in our lives, for keeping us and everyone else safe in trying times, while we wait for the disaster to be over and for harmony to fall once again on our lovely state.


Image of the Forcett Bushfire, Tasmania.



Linking Learning around the world . . . .

Well we are EXTREMELY excited to say that we have become involved in new project that will take the next twelve months to complete. It is designed to give our children a new perspective on learning as well as different cultures, people, places, languages etc around the world.

The Project called the International Penpals Club comes from the dedication and enthusiasm of Irma in Lithuania. Irma has worked long and hard to find participants and to organise this project not only for us but everyone involved.

The project will run from mid September 2012 for approximately 12 months. It involves over 100 participants from 13 different places around the globe, aged between 7 to 12 years of age.

The participants come from:

  • Japan
  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Mexico
  • Australia

Irma has created a wonderful project that will not only provide our children with new and engaging opportunities to learn about other people, their cultures and lifestyles, but ensure that these opportunities are ongoing, build upon each other and bring to life the real lived experience through videos, correspondence, skype,  Audio conference, Chat, Forum, MP3, Other software (Powerpoint,video, pictures and drawings), Project Diary, Video conference, Virtual learning environment (communities, virtual classes, …), Web publishing, e-mails just to name a few

Our first project is to introduce ourselves, so with this in mind we are taking our video and digital cameras out over the next few days and will begin to create an Introduction to our new friends all around the globe and share with them a little of ourselves, and our lifestyle.

But more exciting than that is we can’t wait to see the introductions others are creating for everyone to see.

Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council Get- Together / Information Sessions 2012

2012 Home Education Get- Together / Info Sessions

*Do you want to know more about:

  • How various families go about home educating
  • Registration process
  • Monitoring of your program
  • Available support

*Do you have questions you want answered?

*Would you like to meet families who are currently home educating and hear about their experiences?

Then come to our Get-together/Info Session:

South Friday2nd November, 2012, 6.008.30pm     Howrah Recreation Centre, 11 Howrah Rd., Howrah.

NorthWest Friday 16th.Nov., 2012,6.00-8.30pm Montgomery Meeting Room, Carpark Lane (behind supermarket),Ulverstone.

North Friday 9th November, 2012, 6.00-8.30pm    Kings Meadows Community Health Centre, Joan Marshall Wing, McHugh St., Kings Meadows.

Please share this information with interested family or friends  – or even better Download this Poster / Flier and print it out and put it up in your local library, or anywhere were Home educators may gather or see it!

Happy Australia Day!!!

Well today is Australia Day.

As Australians, we celebrate this day every year on the 26th of January. Australia day is a public holiday in every state and territory of Australia and commemorates the establishment of the first settlement at Port Jackson in 1788 – which is now part of Sydney in N.S.W. 

Australia day, is a day when all Australians celebrate what being Australian means to them. It is a day to focus on our country, our culture our food, family and friendships. Every Australian celebrates this occasion in their own unique way. On Australia day right around the country you will find a mixture of huge get-togethers and Australia Day events, as well as many backyard gatherings with a more intimate feel , celebrating with just family and friends.

January 26th is all about connections and community.

So were ever you are, may you enjoy your day as much as we will enjoy ours – here at home. The day is young still, but we intend to share it with family and hopefully a few friends along with our BBQ, some ‘Aussie Rock’ and a lot of laughter.

Happy Australia Day to you!

Note: Extra Info!

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