31 Reasons to Love Life #5

Children are so unpredictable. That’s why you got to love them and love life. No matter what your expectations are or mood might be, a child can always surprise you with something funny, out of the ordinary or down right naughty, but regardless of what it is, often it will bring a smile to your face when you least expect it or even when you wish you could keep a straight face.

Today I have to love life, because my three year old daughter, being her usual independent self, decided to grab herself a little snack, while mummy was cleaning! I don’t think she realised she was making a bigger mess for me to clean up and even though I knew she did wrong, she looked so cheeky that I just have to share!

It's just a snack mum!

It's just a snack mum!

31 Reasons to Love Life #4

Today was all about activity, and a sense of accomplishment. You just have to love life when you child has a great day and feels a great sense of achievement. JAHG took on the task of assembling a dinosaur today all by herself. She did the most part unassisted but had a little divine guidance once or twice. The result was a wonderful Styracosaurus and one happy girl!

The finished Styracosaurus

The finished Styracosaurus

31 Reasons to Love life #3

Well to be able to love life, we all have to have things we hold dear and cherish. Sometimes, as time moves on, these things are not always with us all the time.

As I usually do I stopped today to admire the handprint my son had given me a number of years ago, it sits with pride on my bedroom bookcase. He is 12 now, but still he will always be my little man (not that he would like to to call him that! I am sure…).

Love life because those who you love are in it, every moment counts and every memory brings that moment back to you again and again.

Love Life so that you always have it in your hands

Hold your loved ones always in your heart