Spring is in the air!

Photo courtesy of the K & D Warehouse Website where I purchased the raised bed from. Please click on the image above to go to their site.

Well you can definitely tell that spring is in the air at our house!

Today we spent a lot of time outdoors either in the garden or shopping for garden items. Firstly we started out cleaning up the yard of some very unwanted branches we had cut of the trees that line our next door fence, a few weeks back. The branches hung over into our yard and we thought it would be better to cut them away. Little did we know that they would be so spiky and hurt so much when they dug into your skin as we tried to pick them up, even with thick gloves on.

So after finally managing to get the piles full of branches up onto the back of the Ute, we cleaned up a few dead and dying plants around the front and back yard, before heading off to the local tip. Once we had removed our unwanted garden waste we decided to travel into town to see about purchasing some raised garden beds.

For quite some time now, we have discussed the need to purchase ourselves some raised garden beds. But we never seemed to get around to actually buying them – Until today. So now we have two 200x100x40cm raised garden beds ready to be assembled and then be filled with fertilised soil and then plant the vegetables that we wish to grow. Hopefully they will work out well, as this is just the beginning of our road to developing a more sustainable way of living for our family – now and into the future.

So now there are choices to be made – decisions, decisions, what vegetables and fruits will we choose?!?!?

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