Spring Festival – At the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart

Well today we went into town to the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens to be a part of and enjoy their Spring Festival. Having just celebrated the Spring Equinox a few days ago, we took the opportunity to enjoy the fine weather and share in celebration of this wonderful time of year. The Botanical Gardens were in full bloom with tulips everywhere and wonderful flowers.

We wandered around the gardens for many hours and enjoyed the whole experience. The girls had a ride on ‘The Gallopers” which is a carousel ride which has been in operation for over 100 years. They sat together on a horse called “Mick”.

The children enjoyed time in the Animal enclosure

We watched “Punch and Judy”

Nik Enjoyed a Jump on the Jumping Castle

Both girls enjoyed time on the Climbing Wall

Phinee Made it all the way to the top!!!!

A fun day was had by all!

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