Reflecting on another year of our Home Educational Journey

Well here we are mid way through September and already the end of our learning for 2009 is quickly coming to a close. It is amazing really the amount of things we have done this year and what we have all learned. Not only from our work, but from each other.

We have all enjoyed the home education journey immensely this year, as we had last year. And already we are starting to focus on what will be the beginning of a new years journey in 2010.You know when we first set out on this journey, we did not really know what to expect or even where it would take us. We have tried things out along the way. Many things have been fabulous, but at other times things have failed miserably from what we expected. But regardless of the path we walked, we have walked it together, and altered course when needed, to ensure that no one was left behind.

Everyone has been given the opportunity to pick up on things they may have missed along the way and have been able to revisit places of interest, or areas of challenge, as often as they choose until they are comfortable with where they are today. We all contribute to the path ahead and embrace the themes that will be the threads of our learning now and in the future.

Home education is so much more to us than just school at home for us, in fact it does not resemble school at all on so many levels. Instead it is a lifestyle that we all contribute to and embrace with a passion. A way of life that we all choose to be a part of and a chance for us to really bond and fulfill our destinies – what ever they may be and where ever they may take us!

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