Our Visitors have arrived!

Who would have imagined that three of our visitors would have arrived at out house all in the one week! But that is exactly what happened and yes we are all excited!

We would like to welcome Flat Oreo who has travelled all the way from Virginia in the USA to stay with us. Flat Oreo arrived on our doorstep on Monday the 18th of July. The very first day Flat Oreo arrived we were about to leave to go out so Flat Oreo joined us on our trip. The weather was cold and the wind chilly, so we did not get to go outside much. Here is a picture of Flat Oreo with Phinee and Nik upon first arrival.

Flat Oreo did manage to get out of the car once on our trip, Just quick enough so that we could take a picture with Phinee and Mt Wellington in the background. Can you see the snow ontop of it? We love to go there in winter and have fun making snowmen and having snow ball fights!

Just as we were getting used to having Flat Oreo around, we would also like to extend a warm welcome to Flat Jo and Roaming Rexy who both arrived on Thursday the 21st of July 2011. Flat Jo has travelled all the way from Illinios, USA, while Roaming Rexy has travelled from the West Midlands in England to stay with us. They both have started to settle in and are looking forward to being about to get out and about. But with so much bad weather since their arrivals, Flat Oreo, Flat Jo and Roaming Rexy have been trying to keep out the rain and acclimatise to our part of the world over the last few days. Thankfully the forecast for the next few days is looking better, so we are hoping to be able to get out and about real soon!

Here are Flat Jo and Roaming Rexy getting to know the girls!

The journey continues….

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