Our First week homeschooling in 2012

Well we officially started our 2012 homeschooling year on the 9th of January 2012. The children were so ready for it and as I have mentioned before, so was I. So with our first week of our 4+1+4+1 schedule for homeschooling over, I am looking forward to the second week ahead of us.

Over all, the children approached the new year with excitement and enthusiasm. Nik was a little less willing to get stuck in, but after an hour or so on the first day when she realised she had little choice but to do her work, she settled down and really started to enjoy what she needed to do.

Our opening week was definitely a busy one. Monday seen us out and about, organising things for my nephew, before he left us to go back to Adelaide to live. He had been living with us for around 5 months. Tuesday seen us at the airport in Hobart, putting him on his plane so he could fly home. Wednesday was a day at home. The girls got stuck into their work. Thursday also seen us working on the same areas of Learning. Friday seen the girls enjoy a day out socialising with friends. They had a fantastic time and enjoyed this day immensely.

Overall a good amount of work has been done and we are looking forward to restarting our next week of learning on Monday.

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