Our Curriculum

Each time we come to review and evaluate our program we get extremely excited about what new resources and learning we can bring to our children’s lives. We see it as our soul responsibility to ensure that their learning is not only educational but fun, vibrant and enriching also!

We love the fact that we can do this at any time and are not tied to ‘terms’, ‘school years’ or some other place in time designated by some one who does not know our family, our children or how our lifestyle works for us.

Therefore evaluating and reviewing of our program is forever ongoing. We never have to completely finish set work to move on from it, or change what we have in front of us. Instead we can move with the ebb and flow of our family life and the children’s own learning. Shifting through levels when appropriate and after learning is cemented rather than because a new day has dawned or a new year has been celebrated.

So with this in mind here is some links to our every evolving learning journeys below.

Primary Learning Journeys

Higher Learning Journeys

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