Mathletics has re appeared in our weekly learning!

Well I am happy to say that the use of Mathletics seems to be re appearing in our weekly learning. Yesterday JAHG and I created a new learning grid, which is designed to document all the required things she is to complete in a seven day cycle. It does not have time frames, or even set work for each day, instead it has 50 boxes with a single topic written in each. The idea is that JAHG can choose which activity to do and once she completes it she can colour in the box. The only requirement is that in seven days time everything has to be completed – or it will become carried over into the next weeks learning grid, on top of the usual activities.

If JAHG manages to complete the work in good time, then she will have more time to herself before she must start on the next weeks learning grid. The page is designed to have a fortnights work on it, split into weekly sections. This means JAHG also has the choice to move on over to the next weeks work if she wants so that she has more control over when and where the work is completed.

I must add that since JAHG received her learning grid yesterday the manner in which she has approached her work is great. She is always one to happily do what needs to be done, but the idea of being able to colour in the boxes and therefore see her achievements in chunks of an area on the grid, is enthusiastically pushing her forward to complete the tasks in record time.

Some of the tasks added are simple living skills and chores, like washing, set table and clean up. While others are more learning activities like, spelladrome, mathletics, writing, science, maths, spelling, English, research  and specific work books.

So through the introduction of our Learning Grid we have seen JAHG reintroduce learning tools such as Spelladrome and mathletics again into her daily life, which up until now have been more of a chore than a pleasure to participate in.

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