Interesting information…

Do you know what I find totally amazing? the number of people who visit this site. But what is more amazing is that for the month of December our five top readers (using IP address details to establish) come from the following places / countries:

1st Place: Our top reader is from the USA
2nd Place: Goes to Poland
3rd Place: Spain
4th place: Germany

Followed by

5th Place Australia.

What is even more interesting is that these people are not only returning during December, but they have been around reading our family blog since it started a few months ago.

We can speak and read in the following languages English, Polish and German and a little Spanish to boot! So please don’t be shy, say hello to us in any language!

Here’s hoping to see you all returning and interacting with us here in 2009! Best wishes to you all, where ever you live!

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