Interesting facts related to the ANZAC’s and ANZAC Day

While learning about the ‘Spirit of the ANZAC’s’ and the HISTORY of them too we stumbled across some interesting facts we thought we would share with you.

The term ANZAC is protected under Australian law.

More than 11,000 ANZACs died at Gallipoli and more than 23,500 were wounded.

The first dawn service on an ANZAC Day was in 1923

The Anzac Bridge in Sydney was given its name in memory of the ANZACs. On the western pylon flies a Kiwi flag and the eastern flies the Aussie flag.

The game of two-up is only legal on Anzac Day. It became the soldier’s favourite game during the war and remains Australia’s (unofficial) national game.

ANZACs were all volunteers

The date, 25 April, was officially named ANZAC Day in 1916.

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