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Well dependent on how you choose to educate your child and your families philosophy on life, will have a definite affect on the types of workbooks, if any, you choose to use with your children. Our children like to have workbooks to do so we incorporate this kind of educational experience into their school day.

We have a huge variety of workbooks here ready for our children to use. Our intention was to photocopy the work from each book, and give the daily units required to be completed by the children to them. This way we could reuse the books again when it came time for the younger children to work at the level the workbooks are designed for. However we noticed something extremely interesting happening in our house.

The level of work dropped once we introduced worksheets in favour of the actual workbooks. Now this may not seem like much, but homeschooling was going along great guns, until we made this, what we thought was a slight change, to the way we gave our work.

Upon talking to the children we became aware that they preferred to have their own workbooks where they completed the work in the actual book. They felt more organised and could easily access and go over prior work if required to understand what was to be done next. They also liked the idea of being able to get to the end of a workbook and feel that they had accomplished something.

So we have reintroduced the children to completing their work within the workbooks that we purchased for their levels. They now (again happily) complete their work with a lot more enthusiasm and have a greater sense of achievement, Especially when others come to visit and they can show how far they have worked through a book or what they have been doing. They know where their work is kept and can easily move onto the next units of work as required independently, meaning they are less reliant on me to direct them.

This is a win win situation for us all. Initially the cost of homeschooling our children has gone up as we can no longer reuse many of the workbooks we have purchased for upcoming younger children, but the improvement in the childrens work ethics, enthusiasm and increase in their independence far out ways any small cost involved in repurchasing books when needed in the future.

Some of the workbooks we are currently using which the children enjoy are as follows:

Mighty Mentals Math Book

Focus on text

Spelling Rules

Grammar Rules

Comprehension Checkpoints

These books do change frequently as we finish one off and move onto a different one!

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