Homeschooling with Spelladrome

Well, we signed up for Spelladrome a while ago, along with Mathletics. These two programs are to be used with our childrens homeschooling experience.

When we first started using Spelladrome, we found that the children were not too keen to play some of the interactive games. It was not a matter of they did not know how to spell the words used within them, as we started them out at a level below their usually spelling ability to make sure they understood the “fun” side of it all, before we changed the grading level to suit their particular needs. It was that spelladrome did not really capture our childrens total attention, which for us was a real let down.

Anyway, we have persisted with using the program ( as it is bought and paid for) along with our subscription to Mathletics as well.

The Website says that it is best to encourage the children to use Spelladrome at least three times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time, in order to provide your child with the maximum benefit possible from the program.

At first we would ask them to use it for twenty minutes at a time. We found that they would be watching the clock, hoping that the time would go quickly, so dropped the required time to be only ten minutes of play, but instead we required them to play spelladrome more frequently within the week, so instead of 3 twenty minute sessions the children are now starting to have a ten minute session a day.

It is interesting to see when they play the words (which spelladrome keeps track off) that the children spell incorrectly. We have taken this list and started to use the words in our weekly spelling test. This enables us to capture incorrectly spelt words that we might not have otherwise thought of. Our children don’t get too many wrong, but those they do are very interesting indeed.

We are also going to add the words that Spelladrome states are “yesterdays toughest words” and add them to the spelling list, just to keep our children’s minds active and their spelling abilities sharp.

So far we have these “Yesterday’s Toughest Spelling Words” added

Colleague, Flair, Negligence, Solicitor, They’re, Bandicoot, Commentary, Freight, Handicapped and Whether!

For us, we have decided to take our spelladrome experience and use it with other teaching methods to help our children become and remain competent spellers.

Our Journey Continues……

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