Homeschool Happenings – Documentation

Well I am sitting here writing my weekly wrap up of our homeschooling week. It is something I do at the end of each week. (For me the new week starts on a Sunday, so I usually write the wrap up on this day of what we have done for the previous week).

I am always amazed at what we have accomplished and the amount of learning opportunities the children have been exposed to over the course of a week. As always the wrap up never really gives our week the depth of information it deserves, but for us it seems to serve as a reminder of what we have done, any challenges we have faced and any achievements we have accomplished.

Reading back over some of the weekly wrap ups, I realise just how much I had forgotten we had done over the last few months. At times I dislike the short amount of time it takes for me to sit and document our journey, but when it is done and I get the time to recap what has occurred I know that it is all worth ever minute of effort taken to write about our week.

Sometimes it spurs me on to keep a more in depth look at our learning for a particular day or two. These types of documentation are more few and far between, but by still capturing the essence of a chosen day in greater detail, we can really assess our styles, learning and capture ways to improve it.

For us, documentation is required, in the state of Tasmania, but the methods we adopt to document our journey are ours to choose, so as time progresses I am sure we will experiment with a variety of methods and eventually stick with those that seem to capture the essence of our homeschooling experience to the greatest extent.

Some examples of how our home education experience is documented are as follows:

Through photobooks,


Written documentation such as weekly wrap ups, notes in a diary, lesson plans, logs, daily recounts and much more

Portfolio of work undertaken, samples, selected pieces etc

Computer documents and grading system

Online programs

Our website

and much much more!

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