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For Spelling we are using a series of Textbooks called Spelling Rules with our Children.

This is a great series, that has each book set up with a unit of work designed to be completed each week. The book contains 35 units in all. Each unit comprises of a series of activities based around a set spelling list. We have found that even though JAHG is extremely good at spelling and always gets the designated spelling words right, that the extended activities are great reinforcement for her learning. JAHG never gets bored of these books and enjoys the activities within each weeks lessons.

Most of the time JAHG will sit down and complete the unit of work in one sitting and often she will do more than one unit a week. We often also build upon the activities within the unit with extra writing, drawing and word games related to the topic of the unit.

Spelling rules is the basis of our weekly spelling. We do however build a series of other spelling related activities such as Boggle, Spelladrome & Focus on Text just to make a few.

The Spelling Rules series starts at Book A which is grade Prep level and continue through to book G for grade 6. It also has Two teaching books you can purchase if you wish to to help you teach your own children. however we did not buy these.

The best thing about these books is that they are made in Australia,

with Australian Spelling for all the words!

Teachers Spelling Rules books

Spelling Rules!: For Spelling Rules! A, B, C

Spelling Rules!: For Spelling Rules! D, E, F, G

Children s Text books

Spelling Rules!: Makes Spelling Stick: Bk. A: Student (Spelling Rules! S.) Grade Prep Spelling Rules!: Bk. B: Student (Spelling Rules! S.) Grade 1Spelling Rules!: Bk. C: Student (Spelling Rules! S.) Grade 2

Spelling Rules!: Bk. D: Student (Spelling Rules! S.)- Grade 3 Spelling Rules!: Makes Spelling Stick: Bk. E: Student (Spelling Rules! S.) Grade 4 Spelling Rules!: Makes Spelling Stick: Bk. F: Student (Spelling Rules! S.) Grade 5 Spelling Rules!: Bk. G: Student (Spelling Rules! S.) Grade 6

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