Happenings around the home

So much has been happening around here lately, that I don’t know where to start. The children have been busy with their extra curricular activities. Jah seems to be very busy with netball. She is training every week and then playing also.  This year her focus is on both Club netball and schools netball. I know you wonder how she can be involved in schools netball when she is home educated! Well we have some wonderful friends who have their children in school and they also organise a their schools netball teams for the school roster so Jah plays in their school team, which is pretty awesome. This means that Jah will be training twice a week and playing twice a week, so netball will be taking up Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays around here.

Nik on the other hand has been busy with her girl guide work. She attended guides last night and came home with a great big grin on her face as she had earnt two guide badges from the centenary guide badge series. It is great to see her finally really enjoying something. Every week she is so excited about going and can’t wait to be there. It is amazing how my little girl is growing up so quick!

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