Gale Force Winds

Well I have to say that when we decided to move to Tasmania, and Hobart, we never in our wildest dreams imagined the kinds of weather we could endure.

Last night was one of those nights were we were treated to gale force winds, that lashed and shook our house for hours and hours. The rain also lashed at our walls, making for a very wild, windy and long night.

Four times during the night the children woke up in fright from all the noise and wild weather, and for SZG and I things were pretty much the same. You see, we live in a three story house. Two stories face the Derwent River, while the third story – or split level between the first and Second story faces inland and the road. Our Views are magnificent, from almost any window on three sides we can see the river. At night the views are exceptionally beautiful as the lights from the houses around glisten on the water.

We live on around an acre of land, so even though we have neighbours, we have space also. This was a blessing for us when we first moved here, having lots of space and distance between us and our neighbours, was something we really wanted. But as time has gone by and we have lived in this house longer and longer, we often wish our neighbours were a little closer, as maybe, just maybe, this would help shield us from the strong gale force winds that lash at our house and make it not only creak with the winds, but sway and shake with their force.

Still now it is morning time and the winds have not stopped, so I am hoping that by night fall things will have managed to slow down a little so that everyone can get some great sleep that is definitely needed right now. If the winds die down, it might also give me the opportunity to put some washing on the line, which in recent weeks has been a no go, due to the winds and the inability to keep any clothes I put onto the washing line there for longer than 2 minutes.

It’s summer time too, so I am just hoping that as the seasons change so does the winds patterns for the better, not the worse!

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