Fun at Babcia and Dziadek’s House

NIK, JAHG, Dziadek and Monty the Dog.

Today we spent the day at Babcia and Dziadek’s House. The children enjoyed this immensely. It has been almost two years since we have visited them at their house, yet it seemed like yesterday once we got there. Both girls were very excited to see Monty the dog and Marnie the cat. Monty was very accomodating in sticking around for photo opportunities, however the same could not be said for Marnie as he did very well at hiding away.

During the day we did lots of things, such as visiting Pra babcia’s grave, going for a walk. JAHG did some bead craft – Making necklaces and bracelets for us all. NIK enjoyed a play with Monty, who is almost as big as her and a great day was had by all.

JAHG hard at work with her beads making Jewellery.

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