Flying high and home again!

Saying Goodbye to Monty!

Well today was JAHG’s final day staying at Babcia and Dziadek’s House. On her way out to the car to travel to the airport, she asked to say good by to Monty and to have her photo taken with him. JAHG loves animals and would love noth9ing more than for us to be able to have a pet of our own. Unfortunately this is not going to happen anytime soon. But hopefully one day we will be able to forfill this request for the children.

Today also held a ‘first’ for JAHG. Having only travelled by car or ferry before, today she enjoyed her very first plane ride. JAHg has talked about this dy for months, ever since we booked her plane ticket with Babcia to return home to Tasmania. She has been very excited about the prospect of travelling on a plane, but also a little apprehensive. However she reported after returning home that the experience was quite fun, which is great news.

JAHG on her first flight on a plane!

Once back home again, JAHG was happy to see her little sister and to show f some of her art work to Babcia!

Sister's Reunited!

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