Flat Phinee is on her way to Sweden and the USA

Flat Phinee is now all tucked up in her airmail envelopes and headed for Höör, Sweden and also Virginia, USA. She has taken with her a map of Tasmania for her host families and also written a letter about herself and her favorite things.

Flat Phinee had this to say before her departure!

It was a little weird in the beginning when I was told I had to become three Flat Phinee’s but now I am used to the idea! I just can’t wait to arrive at my destinations and meet my host families. I wonder if I have to learn to speak another language in order to communicate with my new host families and the people they interact with?!?! I am also not sure where in America the state of Virginia is, Do you know?

Well Flat Phinee I guess you will just have to wait until you land at your new destinations to find out if you need to learn another language, but if you look at the map of America below, you should be able to work out where Virginia is!

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