Enjoying a Morning at the Burnie Park

Well we woke this morning to a reasonable day. The weather forecast said rain is due this afternoon, so the children and I decided to make the most of what we had and visit a few places around Burnie while we had reasonable weather and a chance to do so.

Our First stop was the Burnie Park. this is a beautiful park, which has a lot of interesting things to see and do depending on what your interests are. the children and I first walked around and had a look at the few animals that are in the park. there was a peacock and some ducks. Years ago when SZG and I had been to the park, I recall seeing a lot more animals but the children did not seem to mind there being just a few to see.

After we checked out the animals we wandered around the flowers and took some amazing photos and also we paid our respects at the war memorial in the park. this is the third time in almost as many weeks that the girls and I have visited a war memorial, so they both now really understand the importance and significance of such a monument. which is great!

After a short play in the Parks playground, the weather started to get drizzly, so we moved on to other things, but here are some photos from our time at the Burnie Park.

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