Cultural Exchange Envelope – learning about the world around us though another persons eyes.

Well we have devised a new way to learn about other countries, their people and cultures.

I have been looking for a way to make learning more fun. Then all of a sudden it came to me . Why not try to organise a ‘Cultural Exchange envelope’. The more I thought about this the more I knew it could work. I first tried attracting people to be involved in this exchange in late October last year, however I never managed to get enough people really interested. So I shelved it for a while, before really starting to actively engage myself in trying to get others to join in. So from today onwards I am hoping to get others interested in the project involved and the envelopes exchanged!

All of the contents would be paper based, in fact most of it could be sourced from around the house for free and also from the local Tourist Information Centre or from a Tourist Attraction themselves. The items would be a representation of where each participant lives and their daily life. They would provide a glimpse into the world through their eyes and a way for us to use all our skills to learn more about them and their country or state.

A few of the ways in which we intend to learn from these participants and the contents of their envelopes:

  • Following directions from Maps,
  • Plotting itineraries based on visiting the tourist attractions detailed in the enclosed Leaflets,
  • Converting the cost of their groceries (as detailed in their currency)  into the Australian Dollar, converting Llbs into kilos, Gallons into Litres etc
  • Researching some of the places that the tourist leaflets talk about.
  • Reading about the lives of other people in other countries,
  • Exploring another persons perspective on where they live.
  • Reading their local newspapers
  • Engaging in the activities sent with the envelope, such as word searches, colouring pages, eductaional activities.

We can’t wait to get started!

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