The choices we make as a family are those that benefit us as a family. They rise up from the discussions we have as a family,  to form the basis of our lifestyle and the way we wish to live. They are ours alone, just as the consequences are…

We acknowledge this and are not only prepared to live with the choices we make, but also the consequences of these choices. We do not expect anyone to fund these choices, clean up when things don’t turn out as we planned, or join in celebration when our expectations are exceeded. For these are our choices, they involve us as a family and are for us to celebrate, cry over and pay for..

The choices that we make provide us with opportunities that we feel are important to us. They give us control over our own destiny and lives.

After all the definition of choice is An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

So as you travel through your journey in life, may you find strength in your own choices, support from your family and hopefully some of your like minded friends. For power is given to those who not only make their own informed choices, but allow others to do the same.

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