We Are Going To Poland!

Today we have 50 days until our trip to Poland. All four of us are going to Poland now, Mama, Tata, Nik and I. We are all getting very excited over this! We are looking forward to experience a different culture, different food, a different way of life, in fact we are looking forward to enjoying everything Poland has to offer!

Mama, Nik, and I are also looking forward to all the photographic opportunities Poland will hold for us. The beautiful scenery, the beautiful and historic buildings, even the normal everyday things I am sure we will find amazing.

What is the one thing we are looking forward to doing in Poland the most? Meeting our Polish relatives, and friends, for the first time. It will be such an amazing experience for us to meet our Polish relatives. We regularly talk to them over Skype, but meeting them will be a whole new experience. Personally, this is the thing that gets me the most excited when I think about being able to go to Poland! Everything in Poland will be amazing, I know for sure, but I think there will be nothing like meeting the people that live there.

Unfortunately, Tata will only be able to stay three weeks in Poland with us. Mama, Nik and I stay for a total of something around seven and a half weeks. We have bought our tickets, bought our suitcases, and everyone has received their passports! Everyday we get closer to Poland, is a day we get more prepared for Poland!

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Our Passports!

A lot of the people we are staying with speak English, though some only speak Polish. For the first three weeks Tata is with us, this will not be a problem. He will be able to translate for us, and we will have very little problems, if any at all. What about the weeks after he goes home? Well, some of the places we are staying at have children who speak English, but their parents only speak Polish, so it will be relatively easy for us to communicate. Their kids will translate the English for them, and the Polish for us. But when these kids are at school? We will have to find other ways of translating what we wish to say to them! I think it will be quite fun to have to find other ways to get our message across. How are we going to do it? Who knows! We might have to draw, we might have to act it out, or we might have to put it in an online translator and have it translate for us. We will not know for sure until we get to Poland and are in that situation! But I know that I am very curious to find out what we will have to do!

Two months ago Nik and I started going to Polish school, to learn Polish before we go to Poland. We also use a program called Rosetta Stone, which helps quite a bit. Since we started going to Polish school, we have learned many, many, new things. Same with Rosetta Stone, it has taught us many new words. I believe this will help us quite a bit in the weeks that Tata is not with us. We should, by the time we get to Poland, be able to communicate with the relatives that only speak Polish, even if it is only to tell them our basic needs. I am hoping that by the time I get to Poland I will be able to talk about many different things, I am hoping to be able to have a number of conversations with our relatives.

I am looking forward to everything Poland has to offer for us. Photographic opportunities, meeting relatives, visiting places, experiencing the different culture, trying the different foods, these are all things we are looking forward to experiencing. I am sure that we won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Czas Honoru – Polish TV Show

We have been watching many Polish TV shows recently, but our favourite one has been one called Czas Honoru. The English translation is ‘Time of Honor.’ We are currently up to season two.

Czas Honoru starts off in 1941 and is based on World War II in Poland. It mainly centres around five men, all members of the Polish Resistance. They have been specially trained by the English. The first episode is mostly about them being trained, and preparing to go back to Poland.

The Polish Resistance group contains Czesław Konarski, Władek Konarski, Michał Konarski, Bronek Woyciechowski, and Janek Markiewicz. These are the five main characters the show centres around.

Other major characters include, Wanda, who is Bronek’s fiancee. Karol Ryszkowski, who is a Pole that later becomes a German spy, he is also the ex-husband of Wanda. Lena Sajkowska who is Janek’s fiancee, she is also a Jew stuck in the Warsaw ghetto.

Doctor Maria Konarska, she is married to Czesław and is the mother of Michał and Władek, she is in charge of the Warsaw hospital. Czas Honoru also centres around the Germans in Poland.

We were quite upset to find out that when we turned season two on for the first time, the actress who played Wanda had been replaced by another actress. We are still slowly getting used to the New Wanda.

For me personally, the only bad thing about watching Czas Honoru is the fact that we have to wait for Mama and Tata to both be home before we can watch more episodes. So that sometimes, unfortunately, means having to wait long periods of time to watch more episodes. And by long periods of time, I mean more than four days! 🙂


pmToday I continued my learning about the city of Białystok, which is where my Tata was born way back some 41 years ago. Here is a little bit of what I’ve learnt about.

Did you know that Białystok is the largest city in northeastern Poland and that it is the capital of the Podlaskie Voivodeship. The Podlaskie Voivodeship came into being on the 1st January 1999, and the area that it covers was taken from the former Łomża Voivodeship and Białystok voivodeships, and the eastern half of the former Suwałki voivodeship.

Białystok is located on the banks of the Biała River, which passes though Białystok from South to North-East, in the North Podlasie Lowland. Out of all the cities of Poland, Białystok ranks as the number eleventh in population, as well as the second in population density, and thirteenth in area and size.Białystok is also covered in forest making it the fifth most forested city in Poland. It has a population of almost 300,000 people.

Białystok and its surrounding area were settled right back as far as the 14th century, while the city charter only dates back to 1692. Białystok is the most important economic center in northeastern Poland, and is traditionally seen as being a leading centre in cultural, artistic as well as academic life in Podlaskie.

Our Passports are in the Making.


So we have ordered our passports and are now just awaiting their arrival in our postbox. When we paid for the last Wednesday, we were told they would take around 7-10 days for us to get them back, so fingers crossed we should have them by next week.

We have logged online and checked where our passports are at in the whole process and our details are now in the system, so that’s at least one step in the right direction.

However, until they arrive and are in our hot little hands, I don’t think Phinee or I will believe that we have made the first real step to being able to travel overseas.

When they arrive we will be sure to share a picture of them from the outside with you all – front of the passport of course – as the photos on our passports are HORRIBLE, so we wont be showing you them on the inside!