Callington Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania

Today we took Babcia to Oatlands to Visit the Callington Mill. It is a Georgian tower mill which was built in 1837 and is situated at Oatlands in Tasmania. We had a wonderful day and were able to actually enter the mill and experience the inside wonder of it all. Unfortunately visitors are unable to take camera’s into the inside of the mill, so we can not show you the workings of it all. However we would highly recommend the guided tour to anyone with even the slightest interest in the mill itself or the history of the local area. Well worth the time and effort to share in this little slice of history at work.

We hope you enjoy the pictures we have to share with you!

Snow all Around

Well I must say that as we approached the beginning of September, we really felt that we had managed to escape the cold of winter here in Tassie. The weather had been so mild and the lack of rain quite good.

However the more we venture away from what is technically ‘Winter’ and move on over into ‘Spring’ the more we seem to experience colder, wetter weather and snow on the mountain!

Today there  is Snow on the mountain! but we are all set with jobs related to our move, so have no time to enjoy the snow today.

However, A few weeks ago, we did venture up to the top of MT Wellington, as the snow was covering it quite well. The girls had been bugging us all winter to visit so that they could play in the snow – as they remembered how much fun it had been the year before. However with our milder winter this year, we really thought our opportunities to ‘freeze’ atop the snow capped Mountain, where all but a dream.

That was until Spring arrived and the snow started to fall.

Here are some pictures of the girls enjoying the snow  and of their wonderful snow man as we headed into spring!

Our Trip to the Richmond Maze!

Today we took a trip to Richmond to visit at the Richmond Maze – Which is actually two mazes in total! The weather was quite warm and the children where all excited. The trip around the first maze proved to be a bit puzzling to us, after quite a while of walking around and finding dead ends, we were guided to the centre of the maze by another group of our friends.

The second maze we found to be much easier to navigate. It had no dead ends, so if you went the wrong way you could be walking around it for hours. This seemed to be the issue for the other group of friends who visited the maze with us. Our Friends, after finding the middle of the second maze, seemed to get lost on their way out and after about 30 minutes walking around in circles they rang  our mobile to ask for help! We assisted them with providing them a map as we could not get close enough to them to help them actually find their way out..

Thankfully another family were also enjoying the maze and assisted in navigating the way back to the front of the maze for themselves and our friends and everything turned out fine!

A lot of fun and also frustration was had, and the only thing I can say is make sure you carry a drink bottle when attempting the mazes, because if you get lost it can be a long time between drinks! – oh and grab a map before you venture in!

A Postcard of the Richmond Maze

A Postcard of the Richmond Mazes

Burnie’s Fairy Penguins and our Mate Boris!

After SZG finished work today we went for a walk along the Burnie Boardwalk. It was just before sunset as we wanted to try and grab a glimpse of the fairy penguin colony that actively live in Burnie. Apparently the colony is very big and from around an hour before sunset to about an hour after dark, the adult  fairy penguins start to return from the sea, to look after and feed their young.

The children where very excited to be going down by the beach to see if we could see any penguins. We were initially greeted by a tour guide at the Penguin Centre, who voluntarily gave us a short talk about the life and times of the fairy penguin and told us their life cycle and other interesting facts. They also showed us Boris, the freeze dried and stuffed Fairy Penguin, who is available for photographs! The children enjoyed being able to get up close with a ‘real’ penguin – even though he was obviously not alive! They had a very hands on experience and got to touch Boris, which was great.

Once Sunset started we went for a short walk along the boardwalk to see if we could grab a glimpse of some live penguins – and we were not disappointed at all. There where a number of small chicks who came out to await the return of their parents. Then after some strange noises, which we were informed were the penguins talking to each other we could start to see the adult penguins emerging from the water and making their way across the rocks to their young. It was all very exciting and interesting. Unfortunately the penguins hate light, so we were unable to use a flash on the camera, and therefore did not manage to get any good shots to share of the live penguins and their chicks, but the experience was great none the less and the children enjoyed it immensely as did SZG and I!

Here are some photos we did get to take of Boris!