The October Edition of Glimpse has arrived!

Cover of the October Edition.

Well here we are another edition of Glimpse has finally been released. It has been a long month, but we have managed to get it finished. There are some wonderful articles in it this month and it is great to see our ‘Tassie’ enjoying his trip to Poland – some wonderful photos there!

Enjoy this one guys and I look forward to getting stuck into the next one!

Download: Glimpse Edition #3 – October 2010 – Home Education Tasmania

The Second Edition of Glimpse is now Available!

Glimpse Edition #2 - September 2010 Cover

I thought that I would update here to let anyone who is interested in home Education know that the second edition of Glimpse is now available! Incredibly it is 100 Pages long!

Glimpse Stands for Global Learners In Many Places Sharing Experiences and is a FREE Monthly publication that is distributed in PDF format.

Click here to download it!

Here are some more images for you to have a look inside the latest edition! – Hope you choose to download, read it and join in!

Page 12

Page 16

Page 24

Page 33

Glimpse- Global Learners In Many Places Sharing Experiences First Edition now available – FREE

Front Cover of the first edition of Glimpse

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to share with you the link to the first edition of  GLIMPSE – Global Learners In Many Places Sharing Experiences  newsletter, which is more like a magazine!

Glimpse is a monthly secular publication for homeschoolers, home educators and people with a love of  learning from a home base.  It is free and I think well worth a read. Hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download your free copy of GLIMPSE!