World Education Games 2012

Why not register your home school and start getting involved now (as of the 1st of February) for the three online Educational Games to be held on the 6, 7 & 8th of March.


The World Education Games 2012 will take place from 6-8 March 2012.

Sydney, Australia is the host city and over 1 million students from 200 countries are expected to participate.
World Spelling Day – 6 March 2012
World Maths Day – 7 March 2012
World Science Day – 8 March 2012

Registration and practice are free! Which country will win the Education World Cup in 2012?

Field Trip to Hydro Tasmania

We had a field trip to Hydro Tasmania today. It was a family fun day and the children just loved it! They got to learn how clouds are seeded for rain, now electricity works and how the power of wind and water is harnessed to make power. There was so much hands on experimenting they could do that loved every minute of it and we walked away with big smiles on our faces and a big bag full of goodies. And the best part is that it was totally free! I am so please we went.