Today was a day of Firsts around here!

Today we picked our first Zucchini, there are others almost ready, but this one was the best…

Today we picked our first Corn, a little smaller than we would have liked, but still quite good…. But the best part of all is that Today we received our first Egg!!!!! Our Chicken Alice decided that it was time to give us our first surprise! We hope there are many more to come!

World Education Games 2012

Why not register your home school and start getting involved now (as of the 1st of February) for the three online Educational Games to be held on the 6, 7 & 8th of March.


The World Education Games 2012 will take place from 6-8 March 2012.

Sydney, Australia is the host city and over 1 million students from 200 countries are expected to participate.
World Spelling Day – 6 March 2012
World Maths Day – 7 March 2012
World Science Day – 8 March 2012

Registration and practice are free! Which country will win the Education World Cup in 2012?

The Shingle Strike – A Port Arthur Historical Play

The Shingle Strike by David Young tells the story of Irish poet Francis Macnamara’s endeavour to overcome the bullying tactics of an unscrupulous overseer. The convicts’ only hope of resistance and justice is to strike, but can Macnamara persuade his gang to join him?

What a wonderful experience this was. We thought we had missed all the plays that were on throughout the day as we had focused on ensuring that we managed to actually attend the Port Arthur Beneath your Feet – Archaeology session. Which was our main aim of going to Port Arthur. However after enjoying the Harbour Cruise, we decided to have a look at the Commandants House and the buildings surrounding it. However as we approached this the actors in the play were calling out ‘Last play of the day!’ so we decided to go and see what it was all about.

What a wonderful surprise it was. Everyone, even the children enjoyed the play!

Here are some pictures taken during it…

Archaeology at Port Arthur

One of the many reasons we decided to spend Australia Day at Port Arthur this year was for the children to enjoy their Archaeological Digs. The Children have been learning about Ancient History and how we find out about the past. In doing so we have looked at Archaeology in particular and the ways in which it can help us learn about the past, it’s people and how they lived.

So to be able to go to Port Arthur and see the work of some real Archaeologists was a pleasure. But to be able to learn about the history of our convicts through the findings of an Archaeological Dig was even more impressive.

First we had to examine documents and any photographs of the area where the Archaeological Dig was to take place.

Then we got to see what a section of an Archeological dig would look like. This picture is of the 20th layer on the dig.

We were then shown a drawing made by an archaeologist of the dig site were were looking at. It was very interesting to see all the detail they provided in their drawings.

We then got to ‘clean up’ some artifacts that were found at Port Arthur. This was real hands on and a lot of fun!

Here are some of the artifacts we ‘cleaned up’. Can you see some of them actually fit together…

We also found some of the items had stamps on them. These stamps gave us information and clues as to when the times was made and what it was used for….

We then had to do what all good archaeologists do, document and draw the artifacts we uncovered and cleaned up…

And the best part… Tata had as much fun as the children did and we all learnt a lot!

Port Arthur – January 2012

During the summer holidays (and at other times throughout the year), Port Arthur has many hands on activities happening around the place.

This year they had the following hands on activities happening (and many more) when we visited on Australia Day…

  • A series of three Historical Plays – The Man Who Threw a Stone, The Shingle Strike and A Boy’s Life 
  • Carved in Stone: the stonemasons who built Port Arthur
  • Port Arthur Beneath Your Feet 
  • Unearthed! Archaeology at Port Arthur 
  • Gardens of Exile 
  • Discover Port Arthur’s Furry and Feathered Fiends 
  • A 30 minute harbour cruise aboard the MV Marana

We enjoyed the Harbour Cruise, one of the historical plays and the beneath your feet archaeology at Port Arthur as well as roaming around the grounds looking at all the historical buildings and reading all the information provided.

We would have loved to have been able to see all three of the plays. The children especially, as they very much enjoyed ‘The Shingle Strike‘ and asked to see more of the plays. With so much to see and do at Port Arthur we did not get time to do everything even though we arrived at 10.30 and and never left until well after 7pm. It is amazing, but no matter how many times we go there we are always able to find something new and interesting to see and do, just like this time when we learnt about the young convict Leonard Hand

We have promised though – to return next time DJ is staying with us, so that we can experience more of Port Arthur and what it has to offer and hopefully see some more plays, join in some more activities and also go on the Ghost Tour, which the children also asked about so so so many times, throughout the day.

Thankfully we purchased aTicket of Leave‘ so can return as many times as we like over the next 2 years without paying again!