Burnie Pioneer Village Museum

Well today the children and I visited the Burnie Pioneer Village Museum. I had been told about it by a few people and also found information about it online, therefore we decided that as we were in Burnie, we would check it out.

I must say that even though the Pioneer Village was much smaller than I initially expected it was very well set out and the children and I loved it.  It was quite amazing the amount of history it had within its walls, however it was a little disappointing that we could not walk into the different shop and could only view them from the doorways or windows. It is set up so that you walk along the ‘main street’ and the shops are all along the road side. With a great big horse and cart situated on the road.

According to totaltravel.com The Burnie Pioneer Village Museum

Allows you to experience the sights and sounds of 100 years ago. The Burnie Pioneer Village Museum was the first indoor historical street to be recreated in Australia and is still ranked among the best. A spectacular display with thousands of rare and interesting objects displayed in authentic commercial and domestic settings.

The Village is designed to interpret the environment of the period 1890 – 1910 when Burnie was at the height of its first economic boom. Each unit is built of authentic 19th century materials, the colours used and the architectural variations here are those that were fashioned along the North West Coast.

If you get the chance and have a real interest in history, or the time period around 1890 to1910. I would definitely encourage you to visit the museum if you are ever in Burnie!

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