Auschwitz – German Concentration Camp

Today I’ve been researching about Auschwitz. Here are some facts I’ve learnt about Auschwitz:

Auschwitz is a German Concentration Camp, not a Polish one. It was run by Germans and is only located in Poland.

There were three camps that made up Auschwitz, the base camp, the extermination camp, and the labor camp. There were also 45 satellite camps.

They disguised the gas chambers as shower rooms, and put in dummy shower heads in to complete the look.

Hungary was allies with Germany during the war but refused to hand over its Jews. It wasn’t until March 1944 when the Germans invaded Hungary that they finally got the Jews.

Even though the gas chambers had thick walls, for fifteen – twenty minutes you could hear the screaming and moaning of the people inside. On one attempt they revved up the engines of two motorcycles to full, and the screaming could still be heard over it.

A German Doctor, Josef Mengele, was fascinated with identical twins and put diseases in one twin, and then killed the other when the first one died, and then did an autopsy on both twins, to see the results.  He was also fascinated with dwarfs.

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