Another Day in our Homeschooling Life

We have spent much of the day playing dress ups, making music with home made maracas and creating verbal story lines. Both the children and I have had a lot of fun with this.

I also spent part of the day going over a lot of the stuff we have been doing and I am quite amazed (as I always are) at the amount of learning that has been achieved. It always feels good to me to have that first month of the year out of the way!

I borrowed the Mary Griffith book – The Unschooling Handbook from our local library on Friday and Finished reading it on Saturday. It was such a great book and easy read. I just wanted to keep reading more at every opportunity and felt a little lost when I had finished it. I have since gone online and put a hold on her other book the Homeschooling Handbook. I am hoping that too will be a great read.

Another good read also arrived in my mailbox today. It is a magazine called Otherways. It is an Australian (Victorian Based) Home education magazine. I quite enjoyed reading through it.

I am quite sad as we have a Home Education Training course going on in Launceston on the 12th of February, but it looks like I am unable to go. It is run by a Tasmanian home schooling mum of Ten children who has years and years of experience behind her (16 years I think it is in total!) and I am sure it would be well worth it. A load of the other home schooling mums around here are all going.

Onwards and Upwards! Over the next week or so I will be continuing with my home education resource hunt. That’s when I spend a week or so hunting around the world wide web every once in a while, looking for any new and exciting things I can use as resources for our learning that I may not have seen before or missed along the way.

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